Energon - A First-rate Environment for Research into Renewable Energy

Located in Metsä-Pietilä in Lahti, Energon Oy offers unique facilities for versatile research into renewable energy and energy efficiency, and also for piloting new technologies and developing them into commercial products.

Energon provides opportunities for developing equipment that runs on liquid and gaseous fuels as well as equipment suited for utilising solar energy, geothermal and air-source heat pump solutions and hybrid solutions. The facilities and equipment are also well-suited for measuring flue-gas emissions.

Energon's services are available to companies, universities, other institutions of higher education and research facilities – either in cooperation or alone. Energon also offers an excellent platform for students to complete their Bachelor and Master of Science theses.

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd rents Energon's facilities and equipment out to companies, as well as research and educational institutions, for a daily fee.

Did you know that in addition to research opportunities into renewable energy, Lahti also provides opportunities for conducting basic scientific research related to soil, sediments, groundwater and surface water as well as applied research required by companies in their product development activities? Read more about Soilia, the first pilot-scale soil research centre in the Nordic countries, and the research environment it offers!



Metsä-Pietilänkatu 4
15800 LAHTI

Tel: +358 44 757 6716

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