Research Opportunities

With Energon's facilities and equipment, you can develop your technologies into commercial products.

Energon provides opportunities for developing equipment that runs on liquid and gaseous fuels as well as equipment suited for utilising solar energy, geothermal and air-source heat pump solutions and hybrid solutions. The facilities and equipment are also well-suited for measuring flue-gas emissions.

Energon's measuring systems for geothermal and air-source heat pumps and 'test benches' are unique in Finland, providing advanced information about the operation of heat pumps and boreholes drilled into rock.

Effective research and equipment development are made possible by a wide range of boilers and burners as well as separate containers suited for bio-oil, for example.

Among other users, Energon's facilities and equipment have been utilised by several companies that have conducted large-scale combustion tests with biodiesels and pyrolysis oils.

At Energon, you can conduct research into e.g.

  • The combustion properties of bio-oil
  • The combustion properties of biogas
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Geothermal and air-source heat pump solutions
  • Energy-efficient boilers and burner solutions
  • The behaviour of boreholes drilled into rock with regard to energy output and storage



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